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Green Tick and Blue Tick Certification


The Australian Furnishing and Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) is a not for profit testing and certification organisation based in Tasmania. Their standards of testing regulate the quality of a product and their manufacturing process, ensuring a final product meet a range of standards through a
point-based assessment.

For more information regarding AFRDI and their certification, please visit www.furntech.org.au.



AFRDI’s Green Tick Certification is an eco-labelling certification. In the context of furniture design and manufacturing, AFRDI analyse products design and manufacturing process, including the ethical sourcing of raw materials, responsible use of water and energy, waste minimisation and, through better furniture design, the efficient use of raw materials – by both expending a products lifespan and its recyclability.

Current Steelco products with ADRFI Green Tick Certification:



AFRDI’s Blue Tick Certification certifies products that meet certain standards in reference to the products performance, function and safety tests, coupled with an evaluation of the quality and finish of a representative sample of the product. 

AFRDI perform a range of stress tests on the products with the criteria for this testing generally include requirements for strength, durability, stability, fitness for purpose (ergonomics and basic safety), ignitability and reasonable finish and workmanship. By being awarded the AFRDI Blue Tick Certification, you know that APC’s storage solutions are durable and built to last.

Current Steelco products with AFRDI Blue Tick Certification:

You will find links to the certificated accredited AFRDI products at the bottom of their respective product page. We are always adding to our list certified products, so check back regularly.