Steelco is a proudly Australian company, founded in 1991. Steelco has dominated the steel office furniture market for more than two decades and was the first to introduce the Anti-tilt filing cabinet and Knock Down (CKD) metal cabinet to the Australian market.

With a large range of manufacturing facilities at its disposal, Steelco provides quality products in large quantities, exactly when you need them. Each piece is tested to international standards that include quality and safety management and engagement with international third party certifiers to ensure suppliers meet the requirements and obligations of its clients.

Steelco does everything to maintain the calibre of a quality brand. This means ‘reliability’ which gives a much-valued edge over cheaper alternatives on the market.

We are proud of our complete product range. By only using the best raw materials, Steelco can confidently offer a 10 year warranty on all our goods.




·    First to introduce the Anti-tilt filing cabinet to Australia

·    First to get AFRDI approval for a Filing Cabinet range

·   First to introduce the Knock Down (CKD) metal cabinet to Australia